8x10 Promotional Photos  (SOLD OUT)



Boogie Men Kickers

LED Skull Pile

Eyeball Shooter


Bony Flippers

8x10 Pictures

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Scoop Hole Protectors

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Here are some promotional photos that were made available during the introduction of the game.  I have a few available at a price of $20 each including shipping within the U.S.  The white mark in the middle of each picture is from the flash on my camera and is not on the actual print.

Version 1 (SOLD OUT)

photo1.jpg (33351 bytes)


Version 2 (SOLD OUT)

photo2.jpg (31175 bytes)


Version 3 (SOLD OUT)

photo3.jpg (36496 bytes)


Version 4 (SOLD OUT)

photo4.jpg (34908 bytes)


Version 5  (SOLD OUT)

photoc.jpg (31931 bytes)

To order, send me an email.   I also accept Paypal.