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The evil Trolls

Protecting the castle are two Trolls that lurk under bridges (where else?) in the middle of the playfield and pop up from time to time to add a little madness (and humor) during a player's quest.

The Trolls they think they are invincible and that they Rule the Universe (that's what they keep telling the king) but, if there's a good knight about, this is certainly not true.

To light Master of Trolls, defeat a total of ten Trolls.

They pop up from under their bridges during:

Troll Bombs
During Trolls! players can earn Troll bombs that can be used to defeat a Troll anytime one is active. To drop a Troll Bomb, hit the Ball Launch button.

(Be warned: Trolls will stop at nothing to distract a knight from completing his task. So be prepared ...)

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