The center feature on Medieval Madness playfield is an amimated castle castle with a working drawbridge and gate.

The five major components of the castle are:

The Moat
As with all medieval castles, the castle has a moat protecting it. Shots to the center entrance, drawbridge, gate, or the left wall that miss their mark will land here.

(The pinball is promptly dried and returned to the player)

The Drawbridge
To start an attack on a castle, hit the drawbridge until it lowers to reveal the gate.

The Gate
After the drawbridge is lowered, hit the gate until it raises to reveal the main entrance.

See image (drawbridge and gate)

The Main Entrance
To finish the attack, fire a shot into the castle after the gate has been raised and watch it be destroyed in a spectacular coordinated sound, video, lighting and animation sequence !

The castle wall
To the left of the main entrance of the castle is a swinging wall section. Making this shot is required to lock balls for castle MultiBall.

See picture (castle, wall, moat, drawbridge)

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